Who is Mr.Crossbow?

- Mr.Crossbow is free and independent.
- He is decisive and self-assured.
- Mr.Crossbow exudes enthusiasm and self-confidence.
- He is inspired by life and optimism.
- Mr.Crossbow realizes his dreams.
- He encourages you to do it.
    He tells you:
    “Your body is the bow, your head is an arrow, you are Mr.Crossbow, choose your target.”
    Mr.Crossbow knows that you can do it, he knows you want to do it because you have inner strength and a positive attitude that leads you to the realization of your dreams.
    Just choose your target and go. That’s what Mr.Crossbow does.
    Recognize Mr.Crossbow inside you.

    About The Mr.Crossbow Co

    Founded in 2019 by designer Milos Milovanovic, Mr.Crossbow is a luxury lifestyle high-end brand that fosters authenticity, originality, and uniqueness. In line with our slogan “Choose your target”, Mr.Crossbow recognizes the inner strength of a man which drives him to reach his goals, assisted by the look of his carefully designed clothes.

    Our creative team of fashion, industrial and graphic designers devise fashion lines to keep pace with an inspired life and carefully choose the highest quality fabrics made of natural materials that ensure comfort and ease of wear.

    Nowadays fashion is not just a piece of  clothes but an important part of personality, lifestyle, and success. Our idea is to create something that will help people define them, make them feel comfortable in their own skin and yet look stylish.  

    Who are our customers?
    Our target customers are not defined by age groups but by men and women who know to recognize quality and at the same time follows fashion trends. Mr.Crossbow is a person who feels enthusiastic and self-confident about themselves.

    The MR. CROSSBOW CO. Chose your target logo