This is the ACDX electric supercar concept designed by The Mr.Crossbow Co., the first fashion brand in history to design an electric supercar

“The world will be different than what it has been this far” is a sentence said by great minds both of the East and the West. Whatever the world will be, it will always need quality. As you know, we have given quality before, we still do, and will continue to do so in the future. Quality, if it stagnates, can only become quantity. We have justified our name around the world through the design of our caps. A step back or staying in one place is not our modus operandi. The modus vivendi of the Mr. Crossbow Company is to always go forward, even if we do not know what awaitsus. This is why we decided not to keep up with the world, but be one step ahead of it. We will use this opportunity to present you with another one of our unique products – the ACDX.

By connecting fashion and automobile design we have created the conceptual solution ACDX, the first electric automobile we, as a fashion and lifestyle company, have designed. The idea was born in the creative mind of our designer Milos Milovanovic, CEO & Founder of the Mr. Crossbow Company. 


About designer

How did everything start? Why an automobile?

Automobile design is my first childhood love. Automobile design has always been my first love.  After my school obligations and spending time with my friends I often spent my time sitting over papers, drawing, instead of going to sleep. This continued throughout my high school days. The drawing books from these times are living proof that this love has become empowered by passion. Whatever I did, even while I invested a full six years into realizing the look of my caps, I would always finish the night by looking at these drawings from my school notebooks. Often exhausted, I would still gather the strength to add something to them. I began realizing that the buyers of our brand are persons to whom I am connected by this fine thread – passion and love for automobiles. I have decided to finish what I started – and so the ACDX was created. My intention was simple. A lot of philosophers think that we are blind forces of historical movement, guided by the wheel of the future to unknown roads. Instead of wandering, we should be the ones to lay out the roads. Here, luxury is paired with practicality. If there were a time machine, the ACDX is that one thing I would never let myself get separated from, in the past, nor the present or future.


About the automobile

The ACDX has a futuristic look, but first and foremost, the whole design concept is dedicated to comfort. The doors and the roof are made out of glass for a better view of the outside, but one can also regulate the interior lighting. The doors are attached to metal carriers located on the middle of the sides of the doors, which are further connected to the rest of the car chassis. The doors have butterfly rear view mirrors, which open at engine start and unfold into an aerodynamic position, while opening a camera on one side and a direction indicator on the other. The front of the car has openings for the flow of air, which enables the perfect aerodynamic for driving stability. Also, the rear end has a built in spoiler in an aerodynamic position, underneath the tail lights, installed on the whole width of the car.



Finally, we would like you to know the following as well:

We, The Mr. Crossbow Company, think of design as something personal, that not only speaks about us, but you as well. We have built an empire of faithful and satisfied customers by the rarities that we offered them. With the ACDX project we prove that we are one step ahead of others.


Alexander the Great first had Bucephalus and then he conquered three thirds of the known world. Napoleon has never, during his conquests, separated from his Marengo. It is up to you to conquer smiles around the world with ACDX.