The Mr.Crossbow Co.

Who is Mr.Crossbow?

➳ Mr.Crossbow is free and independent.
 He is decisive and self-assured.
 Mr.Crossbow exudes enthusiasm and self-confidence.
 He is successful, inspired by life and optimism.
 Mr.Crossbow realizes his dreams.
 He encourages you to do it.
He tells you:
“Your body is the bow, your head is an arrow, you are Mr.Crossbow, choose your target.”
you can do it, you have inner strength and a positive attitude that
leads you to the realization of your dreams.

About brand

Inspiration came up with a Sagittarius sign and also because of the brand slogan that says "Your body is the bow, your head is the arrow, you are Mr.Crossbow, choose your target", so the cap collection has an arrow symbol, while the rest of the collection (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets) have a bow symbol on the back. Mr.Crossbow is a strong, fiery character who loves adventure and enjoyment and is always looking for new experiences. We have an attitude and are not afraid to express it. The bow and arrow are very much connected with something mysterious and hidden, in fact, with something deepest in us. Bow and arrow shooting requires inner peace, discipline, firing, and on the other hand, the arrow is a symbol of speed, precision, and determination, representing the masculine principle. I wanted to show the fire and the power that comes from the Sagittarius, which is in all of us whether they are Sagittarius or not. Our whole being is a wonderful machine that needs to be nurtured and understood, and with my clothes and hats, I want to further emphasize and encourage them. Mr.Crossbow recognizes the inner strength of a man which drives him to reach his goals, assisted by the look of his carefully designed clothes.

The idea of our brand is based on sharing positive vibes. Our motto: “Your body is the bow, your head is an arrow, you are Mr.Crossbow, choose your target.” has a goal to encourage people to think positively, to stand behind their ambitions, and follow their dreams.

Mr. Crossbow has a story, which doesn't end by getting one item, it only begins there, and continues to write itself while wearing it. It makes a person remember and always carry that message - chooses your target - in their head.

About company

The Mr.Crossbow Co. is a high-end fashion brand, in his unique designs, he combines ultimate creations with natural materials.
Our designs are a combination of casual, sport, and elegant styles, with a strong focus on immaculate cuts and best quality fabric, what would make The Mr. Crossbow Co. different on the market, in both, styled and quality. 

Our creative team of fashion, industrial and graphic designers devise fashion lines to keep pace with an inspired life and carefully choose the highest quality fabrics made of natural materials that ensure comfort and ease of wear.
Nowadays fashion is not just a piece of clothing but an important part of personality, lifestyle, and success. Our idea is to create something that will help people define them, make them feel comfortable in their own skin and yet look stylish.  

Our target customers are people who know how to recognize quality and at the same time follow fashion trends. Mr.Crossbow is a person who feels enthusiastic and confident about himself.