About the company

Mr.Crossbow is a luxury lifestyle fashion brand. With a strong focus on design, immaculate cuts and a combination of metal and fabrics, standing out in the market, in both style and quality.


The brand was founded in 2019 in Serbia, when a group of friends, more precisely a group of fashion, graphic and industrial designers, decided to establish a brand for those who want something completely unique, powerful, quality and luxurious.


Our idea is to create something that will help people define themselves, make them feel comfortable in their own skin and yet look stylish.

Nowadays fashion is not just a piece of clothing but an important part of personality, lifestyle, and success. 

Creative team

Our creative team of fashion, industrial and graphic designers devise fashion lines to keep pace with an inspired life and carefully choose the premium materials that ensure comfort and ease of wear.


Premium materials

Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. The best clothes come from the best materials. Therefore, we always use 100% premium materials to make our customers feel comfortable when wearing our clothes.


Metal industry

We make molds and cast metal elements in our factory in Serbia and carefully check the quality of all manufactured items.

Metal casting

We cast metal elements from zinc and aluminum, and then gold-plated, chrome-plated or painted. 

Luxury package

All products are delivered in luxury packaging, and we guarantee safe delivery and authenticity of all Mr.Crossbow products.